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Hello!  I’m Karen and I love baking sweets to share with my family and friends-especially cookies!  I enjoy trying new recipes, experimenting with different ingredients, reading about food and doing food research (ie. sampling baked goods whenever I get the chance).

When friends ask me about a recipe I made, I tend to go into every little detail of creating the recipe, including: where I found the recipe, what I changed from the original recipe, why I made any changes, and what I discovered during the process…  I get excited and want to share what I did!  I’ve realized for some crazy reason, not everyone cares that melted vs. room-temp butter really does make a big difference in your cookies OR that changing the ratio of granulated sugar to brown sugar can make your cookies crunchy or chewy.

Thanks to my friend Brittany, I discovered food blogs and now I know there are other people who enjoy discussing recipes as much as I do… A LOT of other people.  And this makes me happy.

This blog is my excuse for reading and researching recipes for hours (almost) every day after work.  This is a great way to keep track of my kitchen adventures, and I will hopefully improve my food photography skills.  :)

My husband and I are currently living in Brooklyn, NY while he completes his Ophthalmology Residency.  We moved from Texas in July 2011, leaving most of our family and friends behind.  Now, thanks to my blog, I’ll be able to show them all the goodies I have been making.  And if they come visit (wink, wink), they just might get to sample the delicious baked goods…  just sayin’.


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